What It Does

e-team Profile

Most Effective For

- Organizational Development

- Build teams, e.g. for putting together a project team or merging departments

- Improve teamwork and conflict resolution

- Improving team performance

- Determining personal competencies within a team

- Strengthening communication and cooperation

The analysis provides a very deep understanding of the team dynamics, how each member acts in relation to the other, and what motivates us – individually and collectively.

Reports are presented in a way that makes them easy to understand and to remember. Graphics make it easy to view individual results and simple to compare results, making clear which strengths and weaknesses are present in a team.

The diagram gives an overview of the total team score – based on a calculated average. For each of the four behavioral tendencies, the average score of the team is marked. The size of the coloured area indicates the behavioral tendency of the entire team. The Team Radar diagram can be seen as an image of the team culture.

The e-team profile uncovers the strengths of the team, detailing personal behavior for individual members as well as for the overall team. It can be used in order to increase collaboration and improve communication in existing teams. It also can be used for establishing new teams and project groups.

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